Anniversaries, Holidays and Flag Days in Denmark

Flowers can be given at every opportunity. Surprise someone by giving him or her a bouquet of flowers, or when there is a special occasion. All days are flowers' day. Below are some of the most common events/occasions for giving or sending someone a bouquet of flowers:

 General Anniversaries:    
 Anniversary  Father's Day  Party
 Bachelorette Party  Golden Wedding  Whitsun
 Baptism  Graduation  Retirement
 Birth  Harvest Festival  Silver Wedding
 Birthday  Hostess Gift  Translocation
 Burial   Housewarming  Wedding
 Communion  Martinmas Eve  Wedding Day
 Copper Wedding  Midsummer  Weight Loss
 Day of a person´s death  Mother's Day  
 Easter  New job  
 Engagement  New Year  


Anniversaries, holidays and flag days. Calender in 2013:
Date: Event: Flag Days:
 January:   Flag Days: 1
 1 January  New Year´s Day  Yes,
 February:    Flag Days: 1
 5 February  Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary's birthday  Yes,
 10 February  Shrovetide  
 14 February  Valentine's Day  
 March:    Flag Days: 2
 8 March  International Women's Day  
 24 March  Palm Sunday  
 28 March  Maundy Thursday  
 29 March  Good Friday  ½ all day long
 31 March  Easter Sunday  Yes,
 April:    Flag Days: 3
 1 April  Easter Monday / April fools' day  ½ - 12.00/ 1/1 12.00 -
 16 April  Her Majesty the Queen's birthday  Yes,
 26 April  General Prayer Day  
 29 April  Her Royal. Highness Princess Benedikte birthday  Yes,
 May:    Flag Days: 4
 1 May  Labour Day  
 4 May  Denmark's Liberation  
 5 May  Liberation Day  Yes,
 9 May  Ascension Day/Europe Day  Yes,
 12 May  Mother's Day  
 19 May  Whitsunday  Yes,
 20 May  Whit Monday  
 26 May  His Royal. Highness Crown Prince Frederik's birthday  Yes,
 29 May  The International Day of UN Peacekeepers  
 31 May  World No Tobacco Day  
 June:    Flag Days: 4
 5 June  Constitution Day / Father's Day  Yes,
 7 June  His Royal Highness Prince Joachim's birthday  Yes,
 11 June  His Royal Highness Prince Consort Henrik's birthday  Yes,
 15 June  Valdemar's Day and Reunification  Yes,
 July:    Flag Days: 0
 8 July  First day off in factory closures  
 28 July  International Hepatitis Day  
 September:    Flag Days: 1
 5 September  Day of Honouring Danish Soldiers Serving Abroad  Yes,
 October:    Flag Days: 0
  1 October  International Vegetarian Day  
11 October  UN International Girl's Day  
24 October  UN Day  
31 October  Halloween  
     Flag Days: 0
 3 November  All Saints' Eve  
 25 November  UN Day Against Violence Against Women  
 December:    Flag Days: 1
 1 December  First Sunday of Advent / World AIDS Day  
 10 December  UN Human Rights Day  
 24 December  Christmas Eve  
 25 December  Christmas Day  Yes,
 26 December  Boxing Day  
 31 December  New Year's Eve